How can we help you?

Welcome to Anteros Media 1.0 – Please let us know how we can make your experience even better!

Nostalgia: The original 2012 welcome video
Anticipation: The live 2016 VIP prelaunch
How do I contact support?

Thanks for visiting Anteros Media 1.0! We look forward to getting your feedback. Please submit your comments, questions, and compliments by way of our ticketing system. Please tell us what kind of device you are using, the operating system of this device, and the version of your web browser.

How do I search for content?

There is a search field at the top of each page (look for the magnifying glass). Type in your search term(s). You are able to look up content by model, author, scene type, and keyword.

Do you offer Video On Demand?

Currently we are a membership site, but we will be adding selected Video on Demand (VOD) and download options in the near future.

How often do you update content?

We will update video content each week. Some weeks there will be two video updates, other weeks there will be one. We will update fiction content every other week. Other site updates (e.g. model interviews, guest writers, directors, and/or artists) will happen monthly.

Why Are Your Videos HD?

The world is quickly becoming an HD world, and while some users may have slow connections or non-HD screens, the call for HD content and beyond has gone out. Anteros Media 1.0 is a beautiful and cinematic experience that conveys our vision as accurately as possible to the user. We understand that some users may need SD versions, and we are actively working to support that within the next few weeks. We will update this FAQ when that happens, and you will notice the ability to switch resolutions on our player at that time. We encourage you to enjoy the content in HD whenever possible as it will allow you to embrace the fantasy and share the joys we had in creating this content for you.

Which browsers do you support?

We are tested and optimized for Safari and Chrome. We do not support other browsers directly. Both Safari and Chrome are free and available for download from the internet.

Do You Support Mobile & Devices?

Short answer, yes! Version 1.0 of our site is a beautiful and cinematic experience of gay love in HD format. That means that slower connection and non Wi-Fi devices may have longer buffering times. We are working quickly to add SD support for those situations, while not sacrificing the gorgeous work we have prepared for you.

Do You Support iOS & Safari?

Yes. In our testing both iPhones and iPads have great performance over Wi-Fi connections to access our HD videos. As with all large video sizes and compression settings, you may experience lag and buffering if your internet connection is slow. Please refer to the the entry on Mobile and Devices for more details.

Do You Support Android & Chrome?

Yes, however, there is a noted issue with HD video on this platform, and we cannot control the slower responsiveness of the Mobile Chrome browser. There are several options a user can implement to alleviate this, BUT we do not guarantee nor warrant their effectiveness. We are actively working to understand Google’s direction for mobile video and will attempt to offer formats and compression settings to support them soon.

How can I model for Anteros Media?

We are not currently casting; however, if you would like to be informed when we resume shooting, please contact us by way of our dedicated contact form.

How can I submit writing, video, or creative collaboration proposals to Anteros Media?

We are interested in featuring and promoting the work of other creative people, and would be happy to look at your ideas to see if they are a match with our branding and mission. To submit fiction and nonfiction, poetry, sceneplays and screenplays, completed videos, music, direction and production services, and all other forms of creative collaboration, please contact us by way of our dedicated contact form.

Are you in 2257 compliance?

Yes. All of our models were of legal age at the time their content was created. We keep records proving this, as required by law.