Bobby Drake shot all of his first scenes at Anteros Media. He is a natural, and took quickly and comfortably to shooting. He’s a friendly, versatile guy who loves to rim!

Bryan Slater is the consummate performer. With his background in dance, theater, and modeling he was a natural choice. His beautiful body is matched only by his wonderful personality and sense of humor.

Colby Keller is an artist who has blurred the lines between performance, art, and adult entertainment. A prolific model, he has blogged, vlogged, and shot his way to notoriety.

Conner Habib is a thinking man who delights in tearing down stereotypes. Whether he’s serving amazing face while sucking a cock or talking about why it matters that he does it, he is an engaging sex philosopher.

Dale Cooper shot his first scenes for us. His three scenes are a story arc of learning to become comfortable for the camera. He is also the voice on many of the audio recordings in the Fiction section.

Devon Hunter talks too much by default. He’s a professionally trained dancer and choreographer. He also finds it strange to write about himself in the third person, but he’s the head bitch in charge, so welcome to his site!

Jake Austin is a total sweetie. A very affectionate versatile bottom, he brings a coy sense of humor to the scenes where he strokes his 9″ cock and wiggles his bouncy booty.

Jay Black is an utter delight. He is gorgeous to look at, his spirit and intellect are dazzling, his laughter is contagious, and his sexual bliss fills his scenes with beautiful pleasure.

JP Richards, like several of the other models here, has a background in dance. He has built a solid reputation as a sexy model who is versatile, warm, and friendly. He loves daddies!

Kyle Quinn was with us for our very first shooting weekend! Along with Bryan Slater, Mitch Branson, and Spencer Williams, he helped us learn how to incorporate ideas into practice.

Mitch Branson is a gorgeous specimen of natural body building, but he’s also a humble and soft spoken artist. Mitch is our gentle giant. He was the first model recruited for the site, and is a delight to work with. He is also a composer, and he created the Anteros Media theme music that plays during the credits.

Mitch Vaughn may be the single most prolific model in our roster. His warm personality, beautiful body, and professional work ethic have given him the chance to work with practically every company that makes gay scenes. We love him here, and he is always welcome at our house.

Phillip Aubrey has the single most effervescent laugh of anyone we worked with. A constant joker, Phillip brought palpable energy to all his scenes. Yet another dancer in our group, he also eventually became a yoga instructor.

Spencer Williams gave us so many wonderful pairings. He was yet another whose first scenes were done at Anteros Media, and he took to filming immediately. Even more impressive is the fact that he was part of the first shoot when we were still figuring out how to make all this work!