Welcome to Anteros Media!

We want you to feel as good about being here as we do for inviting you in. The butterfly-winged, Greek god Anteros (twin brother to Eros) is the patron of mutual affection, reciprocal pleasure, and interpersonal bonding. We validate and affirm desire, but we seek to go beyond the realm of the Erotic – into the “Anterotic” – to places where friendship and love are born. Regardless of your relationship to sex itself and/or sexual identity, you are safe here, and we are happy to meet you wherever you are on your journey.

Our concepts, purpose, philosophy, branding, design, content, and interface have all been developed from scratch. We want to present a whole new set of reasons for making and consuming sexually explicit media. Our intent is to be as transparent as the Glasswing Butterfly that inspired our logo. I hope you will feel comfortable exploring for a while. Stay. Get to know us. We want to know you as well. Come back often – we plan to update and evolve frequently.

For me, Anteros Media is an extension and expression of the idea that we should love, honor, and cherish ourselves; that we have to do this before we can do it for anyone else; that sex and pleasure are supposed to foster happiness, play, and connection; that being generous in all ways is rewarding; and that our choices ripple beyond ourselves to create ever broader rings of positivity.

So, with all that being said: Welcome to Anteros Media!

Devon Hunter