Bobby Drake and Jay Black know that sometimes a little kindness and affection are all that’s needed to make a tough day bearable. Jay finds that Bobby is feeling a little down, so he wraps his muscular arms around the younger man to console and distract him. That quickly leads to nuzzling, kissing, and some really amazing oral action. Have you had a hard day? Come have a harder night.

Human sexuality, at its best moments, is an expression of care. We care that many types of beauty are affirmed. We care that gay masculinity is represented without tinges of homophobia. We care that men of color are depicted as people, not as stereotypes.

This particular update is a manifestation of our spirit, because it captures a moment when two people came together and performed a fantastic scene without ever playing into clichés of any kind. The guys speak and touch with kindness. From the warmth of the light, to the soothing colors in the decor, to the comfortable room they are in, everything represents the idea of being at home emotionally and feeling safe. The camera performs 360-degree coverage to underscore the sense of being enveloped or embraced. This scene is a metaphor: Affection is a sanctuary that is built with care.