Bobby Drake, Bryan Slater, and Dale Cooper created this threesome as the finishing scene for a story arc for Dale. If you watch all three of Dale’s scenes, you will see the process of a then-new model shooting videos for the first time, and you will watch as we gently and gradually allow Dale to become more and more comfortable as a performer. His shy “solo” led him to then ask Bobby for guidance in their duo, and finally here we are with Dale blossoming fully into a confident and compelling performer.

Many of the salient traits about Anteros Media that distinguish us from other companies is what you do not necessarily see. Going to great lengths to ensure that our models are happy is part of the underlying process. How could we make unscripted, spontaneous material capturing passion and chemistry if the guys were exhausted, dissatisfied, or uncomfortable? One of the underlying philosophies here is that models should be respected like professional people. Without models, there are no scenes! The Dale Cooper “trilogy” is a time capsule: You are seeing him at the very beginning of his video career. What I hope will fascinate you is how quickly he was able to embrace our process.