Conner Habib and Mitch Vaughn know that sometimes affection and empathy are all that’s needed to make a tough day bearable. Conner finds that Mitch has gotten some bad news, so he nuzzles Mitch to console and distract him. That quickly leads to kissing, oral, and some really passionate fucking. This is the epitome of sensual healing!

From the filming to the editing, this scene is a departure from the banal “standard” of so many studios. Bright flood lights and washed out bodies permeate the typical porn landscape. Devon Hunter wanted to try something different this time, even from other scenes already shot for Anteros Media. Using aesthetic, cinematic lighting, Devon captured a new level of intimacy by placing the models in a sea of both light and darkness. The scene opens in shadows, reflecting Mitch’s state of mind. The final bloom into ecstasy before the credits is an expression of the passion and revitalization that passes between the performers. For coloring and editing, Dean Sage used both old and new techniques to bring out the raw emotions laid bare on screen. A bit of old Hollywood stylizing obscures the edges of the screen, pulling the viewer into the center of the frame. This emphasizes the physical and emotional proximity of the models as they focus on each other and allow the external world to fade away. Out of the darkness, and through tender intimacy, pure joy emerges as a white light.